Do you use social media for business and find it time consuming?

Are you unable to delegate the management of your social media to anyone else?

Do you need to strategically track the growth of your social media accounts?

In this blog post you will learn how to use social media while remaining productive.

5 tools-apps to manage and grow social media


Social media is useful for communicating with customers, reaching new customers, and gaining online visibility. A lot of business owners have been able to grow their existing businesses using social media.

There are several social media sites and maintaining a presence for your business on all the platforms can be quite time consuming. Obviously, you cannot be on social media all day because you have other important business activities that require attention.

A common dilemma faced by business owners when using social media for business is that it can be time consuming. Due to the fast paced nature of some platforms a business owner may feel the need to constantly be on social media to stay visible to followers, this however is not a viable option.

There are several tools that you can use to help you be more productive on social media and manage your presence like a pro!

In this blog post I will be sharing 5 tools which I have personally tested for maintaining mine and my clients’ social media presence.


Feedly is a news aggregator application that can be used on the web or on mobile devices (iOS and Andriod). I find this useful to keep up with various industry websites and blogs, a great tool for content curation.

This helps to discover trending topics and breaking news within a particular industry and links can be shared directly to social media accounts from within Feedly. You can use Feedly online or download the application on your mobile device.


Canva is an amazingly feature packed and simple graphic design tool that requires little design skills. All you need to do is to drag and drop, type in text, choose background images/colours and you have a great graphic.

You can use it to create images for virtually all social media sites and it already has the image settings for most of the sites preset which takes away any guess work.

With a little patience and experimentation you can create great professional looking images, ebook covers, posters, presentations and so much more.

A lot of the templates and images are free but there are also premium paid features and content. You can use Canva on the web or download the iPad app.



Buffer is a scheduling application that helps to manage your various social media accounts.

With the use of a scheduling application you are able to set aside a block of time and prepare your content for your various accounts and select specific times for the posts to be published.

You can choose to schedule out content for a whole day, week or event months ahead. This frees up your time to concentrate on other money making or profitable tasks.

It is recommended however to regularly set aside 10-15mins several times daily to respond to comments and interact with the content shared by other users online.

There are several scheduling applications but Buffer is one of my favourites. Use online  or download the application to your devices.

Please note that Buffer has a free and paid  version, so try it out and see if you like it!


Facebook Pages Manager App

Most businesses have a Facebook page and it is important to keep it up to date with news, products/services information.

The great thing which some people do not realize is that you can schedule posts directly on or using the Facebook Pages Manager.

This eliminates the need for using a scheduling app for your Facebook Pages.

Using the Facebook Pages Manager application you can schedule posts to your page, save draft posts, view insights, respond to comments and messages.



Crowdfire is an application that helps you to monitor your numbers and users.

It groups users into several categories;

  • users you follow but do not follow you,
  • users that follow you but you are not following,
  • who recently followed you,
  • who recently unfollowed you,
  • inactive users and much more.

Whatever your growth strategy on social media this is a useful app to explore. Visit the website to find out more or download the app from the iTunes or Google Playstore.


Using these tools will help you to stay active and consistent on social media which will in turn grow your social media presence.

It does require some level of organisation and consistency but it will definitely help you to stay visible in the very busy online space.

This visibility alongside you engaging with comments and other followers will help to create leads for your business or help you get recognised as an expert in your industry.