When there is one successful niche with particular products or services, it is not uncommon to suddenly find a lot of people doing the same thing.

How do you cope if you are a business owner who worked hard when there was no hype and now find many look-a-like and copycat businesses?

This is an issue that has come up several times with business owners; the fear of copycats.

They may copy your business model, begin selling exact same products as you or offering almost identical services.

I have heard many people say that their hesitation with marketing online and making their business visible is the fear that their services would be copied.

A while ago I watched an old Youtube video by Brian Tracy on Marketing. One point he mentioned that stood out to me was the business owner being what is unique about the business.

You are what is unique about your business.

People may copy what you do, they may copy what you sell, but they are not you.

Their business does not have you.

Every entrepreneur and business owner must learn to work on themselves and become what is unique about their business.

Overcome the fear of being copied.

Use social media and other online media to communicate what is unique about your business.

Others may try but they cannot be you.

Do not be afraid to put up your products or services on the Internet.

Setup an online presence for your business and get visible today!


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