Have you seen adverts in Facebook and wondered how to place one?

Do want to take advantage of Facebook Advertising for your small business?

Facebook allows adverts on the social network which appear within the newsfeed and in the side bar.

While working with small business owners and entrepreneurs there are a few questions that come up frequently about Facebook Ads.

In this post I will highlight 5 of those questions.


Facebook Advertisng FAQs

How to use Facebook for small business

Do Facebook Ads work for small business?

Yes! Facebook Ads are not restricted to big brands, a small business and any entrepreneur can take advantage of Facebook Ads.

An effective Facebook Ads strategy will ensure that your campaign is optimised and reaching the right people.

How can I target people to display my Ads to?

A common mistake often made when setting up an advert is to display it to a very broad audience without specifying interests. While you can choose to display your advert to everyone aged 18-65, who lives in Nigeria  and uses Facebook, this is a rather broad target.

To target effectively define who your target audience is, identify their interests and narrow down your ads targeting that way.

It is important to define a target audience for a successful Facebook Ads Campaign. Click To Tweet.

Why do my Facebook Ads keep getting disapproved?

Facebook Ads may get disapproved if they do not meet Facebook’s regulations for adverts. There are certain words that are not allowed, the display of arms is not allowed and until recently the images could not have more than 20% of text.

The approval process of ads is done within 24 hours.

Your advert may be initially approved and then disapproved following further review.

What is the difference between Facebook Ads and promoted posts?

A promoted post may be referring to a boosted post or a page promotion. These are just 2 of the different types of advert campaigns you can run within Facebook.

It is important to choose the right campaign depending on your objective.

Do Facebook Ads work in Nigeria and what is the cost?

Yes you can setup a Facebook Ad campaign as a Nigerian Facebook user and you can target people who live within Nigeria and use Facebook.

The cost of Adverts differ depending on the type of campaign and the duration. For example you can run a ‘Promote Page’ campaign for a minimum budget of $1 per day over a few days, while some other ad campaigns require a minimum of $5 daily.

Advertising on Facebook is not expensive and you can pay using your Naira MasterCard.

Bonus Question: How do Facebook Ads work?

This has got to be a common question in the minds of business owners; they want to know how to advertise on Facebook. This is why I have organised a free webinar to help small business owners jumpstart their Facebook advertising.

In this training you will learn;

  • How to create an advert on Facebook
  • The different types of advertising campaigns on Facebook
  • How to set a budget for your Facebook Ad
  • How to ensure your advert reached your target audience
  • How to advertise on Instagram
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The training comes up on Wednesday 29th June by 12:30pm WAT, to join please visit this page to sign up.